Nebraska Ethanol Board

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The Nebraska Ethanol Board is a state agency, created in 1971 by the Nebraska Legislature—the first state agency in the United States devoted solely to the development of the ethanol industry. The Nebraska Ethanol Board is made up of seven members appointed by the Governor, and one non-voting technical advisor.

The Nebraska Ethanol Board is an invaluable resource to communities wishing to attract an ethanol plant—and to developers who are looking to locate an ethanol plant in the state. The Board works closely with policy makers, economic development officials, utilities, regulatory agencies, and others to help coordinate and facilitate the development of this important Nebraska industry.

The Nebraska Ethanol Board is devoted to the development, support and advocacy of the ethanol industry. It is the Nebraska leader in the promotion of renewable fuel.


  • Assists ethanol producers with programs and strategies for marketing ethanol and its co-products;
  • Fosters the growth of the ethanol industry in Nebraska by acting as a resource for developers and investors;
  • Supports organizations and policies that advocate the increased use of ethanol fuels;
  • Administers public information, education and ethanol-focused research projects;
  • Provides leadership and counsel for the industry and its advocates in ensuring a role for ethanol in the state’s economic future—and in America’s fuel supply.

The tremendous growth of the ethanol industry in Nebraska is testament to the focus, experience and leadership of the Nebraska Ethanol Board.