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News: 2014

Gasoline Exhaust is Linked to Serious Health Problems

June 2, 2014

Gasoline exhaust is a much greater source of toxic emissions than previously reported, and lethal, ultra-fine particulates are not being adequately regulated and controlled according to a new White Paper produced by The Clean Fuels Development Coalition's Ethanol Across America Education Campaign .

The paper was written by David E. Hallberg, a former NEB Board Member and the founder and first president of the Renewable Fuels Association. Hallberg writes that the petroleum industry is refining gasoline with high levels of toxic aromatics that combust into benzene and other carcinogenic pollutants. This gasoline that is reaching consumers represents a serious health threat but cost effective alternatives are available.

“At a time when the petroleum industry is spending millions to discredit clean octane products that can be used to protect public health,we need to remember why we cannot fall back into the trap of oil use and dependency, said CFDC Executive Director Doug Durante. He added that mid-Level ethanol blends can provide significant health and economic benefits

"Whether its for the health impacts, oil spills, the drain on our economy, the loss of jobs, and the lack of consumer choice, we simply must use more biofuels and get off of oil." For a copy of the new White Paper, go to

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