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Georgia Alternative Fuel Road Rally Concludes With Ethanol Front and Center

July 1, 2014

Georgia Alternative Fuel Road Rally Concludes With Ethanol Front and Center

State Fleet Looking at Ramping Up Use of Ethanol in Flex Fuel Vehicles

Atlanta, GA, June 28, 2014: The FlexFuel Awareness Campaign concluded two weeks of crisscrossing the state to promote alternative fuels as part of the Georgia Alternative Fuel Road Rally and reports that ethanol use in FFVs could increase significantly as a result of the program.

Todd Sneller, Administrator of the Nebraska Ethanol Board and a Board Member of the FlexFuel Awareness Campaign, spoke with government officials and fleet managers throughout the state and visited four cities last week. “Over the course of two weeks our team met with nearly 300 fleet management personnel and local municipalities to provide them with information on the ethanol option,” said Sneller. “ I am pleased to report that the Georgia state Government is preparing to energize the E85 initiative at the state level. The state has nearly 5000 FFVs in service but they need to facilitate more efficient fuel supply logistics. Several large county fleets are also moving toward E85 since we explained the potential cost savings”, he said.

The Clean Fuels Development Coalition and the Clean Fuels Foundation, Growth Energy, the Kansas and Nebraska Corn Growers, and a number of agriculture and ethanol supporters are among the sponsors of the tour which is designed to increase consumer and fleet operator awareness for alternative fuels. The FlexFuel Awareness Campaign is focusing on the message that high level ethanol blends and FFVs are an option for private and government fleets and that they can be very competitive among the family of legally defined alternative fuels.

Sneller noted that fleet managers are looking to use cleaner fuels within the tight budgets they are facing. Ethanol continues to offer attractive pricing but an inefficient fuel delivery system is subverting the potential price advantage to fleet managers and consumers. In addition, there is a great need for consumer awareness and to work with retail outlets that serve both fleets and individual consumers.

“As part of an ‘all of the above’ approach, this Road Show showcases all the alternative fuels, and they all have their strengths and advantages in a given situation. We are pleased to be part of this successful effort and make sure biofuels like ethanol are in the mix”, said Sneller.

Following the Georgia road show the program will move to other Southeast Regions including Florida. Later the program will focus on Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC Metropolitan area with numerous events planned throughout the mid Atlantic region. For further information, contact Doug Durante at or Todd Sneller at Additional Information is available at

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