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News: 2014

Clean Fuels Expert to Speak at the Ross

November 5, 2014

As part of a nationwide effort to increase the use of clean fuels like ethanol in the transportation sector, Doug Durante, Clean Fuels Development Coalition executive director, will bring his expertise to the Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center Nov. 12.

Durante, 35-year veteran of biofuel policy and ethanol market development, will facilitate a short panel discussion after the premiere of “Pump,” a documentary that explores America’s dependence on foreign oil and its effect on the economy. The film opens at 7 p.m.

“With 20 million flex fuel vehicles on the road today and millions more rolling off assembly lines capable of using up to 85 percent ethanol, we have an opportunity to reap the economic and environmental benefits of the Renewable Fuel Standard,” Durante said.

Based in Bethesda, Maryland, Durante and CFDC advocate for public policy to reduce oil imports, lower carbon emissions and protect public health. He travels the country promoting CFCD’s National Flex Fuel Awareness Campaign and informing consumers about the benefits of using ethanol-blended fuels.

While Durante’s primary goal is increasing ethanol production and use, he also works with the Urban Air Initiative to support other clean alternatives to gasoline to improve air quality.

Urban Air Initiative (UAI) is nonprofit that addresses public health threats posed by domestic use of petroleum-based fuels and their additives. UAI members collaborate to find practical solutions, beginning with improving the quality of transportation fuels.

“There’s a problem with the air we’re breathing and it stems from what’s in our gasoline,” said Dave VanderGriend, UAI president. “It’s something that’s too small to see, but too big to ignore.”

“Pump” and the panel discussion are sponsored by the Nebraska Ethanol Board, Association of Nebraska Ethanol Producers and Urban Air Initiative. Admission is free and open to the public. Attendees should RSVP to rsvppump@gmail to receive free popcorn with admittance.

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