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Florida Motorists Now Have More Choices at The Pump

December 3, 2014

News from the Clean Fuels Development Coalition

Florida Motorists Now Have More Choices at The Pump

Sarasota, FL, December 3, 2014: Florida consumers now have more choices at the pump as clean burning, renewable ethanol in 15% blends debuted here today. E15, approved for use in all cars 2001 and newer, was made available at a Citgo station in this busy Florida city in what CFDC member company Protec Fuels believes will be an expansion of both E15 and higher blends like E85 in the future.

E15 is being offered as an 88 octane fuel that is less expensive than conventional gasoline and can significantly reduce harmful emissions. CFDC Executive Director Doug Durante said this is about consumer choice, clean air, and reducing our dependence on oil.

“We cannot be fooled by the current, temporary dip in gasoline prices. In fact that is what OPEC wants—lower the price so that we take our eye of the ball, stop developing alternatives, and then fall right back into the same trap of the past 40 years. Adding more ethanol increases the supply and keeps prices low”, said Durante.

Equally important to price and reliance is the environmental toll the use of gasoline takes on all of us, Durante noted. CFDC is working with the Urban Air Initiative on a national program to replace toxic compounds in gasoline with clean octane like ethanol. Ultra-fine particulates emitted from high octane gasoline particularly affects the elderly and the residents of Florida cities would directly benefit from these higher ethanol blends like E15.

“We congratulate Protec, and thank Mid State Energy and the Sarasota Citgo station for being a leader and offering this fuel choice.”

Protec also offers E85 at locations around the state and is opening a new E15 and E85 facility in Fort Myers this week.

For more information,contact Amber Pearson, Protec Fuel at or 512-686-8532 or Doug Durante, Clean Fuels Development Coalition, at or 301 537 8830.

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